The Magistral Data Stream Network

We deliver billons of messages each month for your real-time applications
Magistral data streaming in work
  • Enables simultaneous data streaming via multiple topic channels
  • Multiplexing several channels utilizing single socket
  • Allows to use user groups to enable message delivery for multiple subscribers
  • Centralizes access control to manage user read/write permissions for specific topics or channels
  • IoT Network
    Magistral cloud-based platform streams billions of messages a month, provides scalable and reliable infrastructure, replicated across multiple data centers, that assures outstanding 99.9% SLA.
  • Security
    The safety and security is on top of our priorities. All Magistral data channels secured by 2048-bit SSL encryption and all messages sent via our network encypted with AES and only you can read them. Magistral allows you to restrict reading and writing via configurable access control and custom authentication mechanisms. All data is replicated across multiple secured locations.
  • Easy to start
    Simple and intuitive API allows you quickly build Real-time apps for Mobile, Desktop, Server and other platforms. Publish and subscribe on data events with just several lines of code.
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